ANY 4 cards for $20!

ANY 4 cards for $20!


BUILD YOUR OWN CARD PACK: 4 cards for $20! (save $4!)
this is a special i do at craft shows around the nation, so why not bring it right here online?
you're welcome to mix and match cards, have 4 of the same card, whatever! it's any 4 cards for $20!
to peruse cards simply look at the 'hand stitched cards' section or click this link:

by adding to cart, you will be prompted to fill out a form of which cards you'd like: perhaps, for example: '1 magical birthday, 1 birthyay, 1 here for you, 1 marriage is fun' or '4 many thanks!'

these cards are specially handmade for special friends.
mixed media card - printed and hand stitched.

+ 4 A1 size cards - 3.5 x 5 inches folded.
+ blank inside, stitches visible - showing this card is truly hand stitched!
+ 100lb. recycled paper
+ recycled paper kraft envelope
+ shipped in sleeve with branding sticker on back

my name is allie biddle and i sell out of my studio in denton, texas! each card is designed + stitched by hand by yours truly!

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