personal practice // drawing daily

this little corner of the site is mostly things that make me happy, inspire my studio practice, and a collection of photos. there will be typos and maybe not a good writing flow. i’m cool with making mistakes. don’t @ me.

i’m excited to share that i have fallen in love. with my sketchbook.

i have never been a big sketchbook person. of course i was required to have one in school, but it honestly just felt like homework rather than a tool to build up my creative muscles. most of the time when creating, i get started drawing right away on my ipad and apple pencil, usually starting on what ends up being the final outcome. i just hate drafting!!!! maybe it’s my impatience, but i love a finished product (:

but things have changed! WHAT!

my beautiful friend and fellow small biz owner, pei, and i decided to challenge each other to drawing daily ON PAPER. we both would check in periodically to keep each other accountable. if one of us missed a day, we would just encourage to keep up and catch up with pages where you could.

the experience made me realize how healing and therapeutic a sketchbook can be. it feels so personal, yet also so open??? it felt like a practice i was excited to start each day or try to bring into small pockets of time i had available.


thanks for taking a look!
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