the return of #alliesenvelopes !

HAPPY APRIL! can you feel the sun coming out and the heat turning off and your utility bill getting smaller?
this little corner of the site is mostly things that make me happy, inspire my studio practice, and a collection of photos.
there will be typos and maybe not a good writing flow. i’m cool with making mistakes. don’t @ me.

i’m back at the blog for my SECOND ENTRY. omg guys i did it. i made at least a second entry. i’m shocked. this time i’m super excited for the return of #alliesenvelopes !!!!


i’ve always loved TV and movies, mostly TV. anyone who knows me, probably knows this to be a fact lolol.
not to sound like a gigantic loser, but TV has just always been a great escape for me when i’ve been feeling down, or need to just turn my brain off.
after a breakup, i would watch friends because i knew i would be able to start laughing again.
when i’m super stressed out or scared for my future, i’ll watch the sopranos because whatever is bothering me is not nearly as bad as some of the shit that tony has to handle.

i started #alliesenvelopes in 2017 i think? combining my love of addressing envelopes and my obsession with TV, it felt like a match made in heaven. it didn’t last long, only 5 posts.. probably because i was tired AF and got distracted.


i started thinking about #alliesenvelopes only 6 days ago and decided they needed to make a comeback. my friend paris (an amazing illustrator!!) and i were chatting about how when you create work for a living, people might have this lovely idea that you just get to chill at a desk and draw for fun. when ironically, most of the time you’re stressfully drawing for a project trying to get it perfectly right so you can get that money, honey. it can be easy to just see drawing as work and not something enjoyable..

this little project is to honor drawing for fun, not necessarily for profit.


i started sharing the return on stories, asking for suggestions of your favorite characters on TV and movies, and omg y’all are so good. I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM. you can follow the lil project along on instagrammm, @allie.biddle ! (:

do you have a character in mind????? let me know!