4 things that inspire me right now

welcome friends! i’ve been thinking about having a blog for a long time.. but figured i would stop after 2 posts and then forget about it. still don’t know if that will happen. or anyone will be reading, but this little corner will just be mostly things that make me happy, inspire my studio practice, and a collection of photos.
there will be typos and maybe not a good writing flow. i’m cool with making mistakes. don’t @ me.

i usually hate trends as a designer. when i find myself really loving a trend, i wonder how genuine that love is or if it’s just a fleeting infatuation that results in a product i won’t love in a year. but, rainbows are on the uptrend right now + i’ve seen SO MANY rainbow designs in the stationery world that are so beautiful and clever. i have yet to create something specifically rainbow, but i’m definitely inspired by bolder colors, prism hues, and the JOY THEY BRING.


i’m so goddamn grateful for this job. there is nothing more rewarding than creating something, having someone love it too, and you’re able to make a living. my studio is basically my brain on paper, and i don’t know how i would express myself without this outlet. making new work brings me such joy! i’m super excited to hopefully be releasing tea towels in late spring (:

Untitled_Artwork-3 4.jpg

like many friends and people in our country, i’m in debt and that debt fatigue is real as fuck. let’s just put it out there for accountability, i’m about 15K in student loan + cc debt, both with sizable interest rates. that’s relatively low compared to many people, and i’m SO GRATEFUL that it’s as low as it is. but it still keeps me up at night, embarrasses me, makes me feel helpless. but i made a promise to myself to be debt free by the time i’m 30 and even if i don’t meet that goal, i’m gonna get damn close. i have a plan that i’m putting into action this year, and i plan to do a future blog post on it, once i see some results lololol. (: in the meantime, this podcast featuring the beautiful roe from @brownkids is AMAZING. she paid off $11,000 in debt in ONE YEAR!!!!!!
*i want to add that i wanna share this quest so i feel less alone and more accountable. promise this is not a pity entry to ask you to purchase something, but i will say that when you shop small with any small-batch maker, you are not only getting a high quality item, but you are also helping your dollar go further and help that maker provide for their family and future. and that’s a really beautiful thing! (: *


4. YOGA.
i started a yoga practice about 2 years ago i think? i credit my friend + first teacher nancy nelson for showing me the true joy it can bring. my practice has been on and off the past year with my move to tennessee, but it’s given me such everyday gratitude to be alive. all you gotta do is breathe and you’re enough (:

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